Friday, 11 April 2014

Silent,Election going on.


Again election has come in India,with pomp and show.
Perhaps the biggest fanfare in the world.
Who exactly knows how many crores and billions will spend for the peoples "Election"?
But that much confirmed that who else will come in power could change nothing.

Each and every party publishing their manifestos.I have every doubt that manifestos are written after
consultation or discussion rather there is every possibilities of hiring 'Ad mans' for their copy writing.
May have chance that agency using those copy-writer who are just recruited.This is the right time to
practice copy writing.In real sense party manifestos hardly reflects any peoples concerns.The true design of
democracy already understood by the citizens of India.

Election give so many jobs to so many people I really admire those parties who at-least show their power of expenditure.Say fastoon,placard makers,banner maker,all they get sufficient profit for their next business venture from a election.You can not say that this election can do nothing.

What about people of India? The true Indians who are  living below poverty?Who cares whether they spending 30 rupees or 20 rupees a day?Everyone judging or comparing life styles of urban people,who bother to think of rural people ?

Who bothers scams?Who bothers mud throwing?Personal De-masking as campaigning.
People are starving,their hardship for sustenance push them at the corner,where they will go?
These days people hardly get news of Farmers suicide,hot topics of the News Papers are 'rape' now.
Are anybody willing to understand why sudden this factor rises?Why so many incident of atrocities rises over the women?This proves the clear indication of social unrest.Women are the most soft and weak target,people really don't understand the cause of their deteriorating financial health,their  dreams are shattered,their hardship do not show any light of hope.Low calorie intake make them frail and sick.Anger is continuously brewing inside but they really don't understand where to burst,they found only women where they could atleast satisfy their physical might,their deeming valor of fighting.What a tragic situation. The social disparity make their position worse than slaves.All their money systematically pick pocketed by the unseen system or a conglomerate of rulers,business houses.So poverty is really a great need for the election or for permanent settlement of the parties who want to rule.
Isn't it time to ask who are real culprits for damaging our social frame works,who creating such social mess on lieu of interests of big companies?
If this is not a right time to ask,then suffice to say that they forced people to be slave for ever in near future.

I will presenting a series on common man of India.
I will publish 1 photo in 3 days.
Hope you enjoy
Happy shuttering.   

      A pair at Joydev Kenduli mela.

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