Friday, 17 October 2014

Festive Season

This is festival time in India.

Each and every province and states have their own festival which is in one way are unique and
In West Bengal Durga Puja is one of the biggest festival which  involving corporate money and sponsorship,big business.In this period of time specially starting from July and end to November, Bengali people used to buy cloths,jeweleries,shoes and investing huge amount of  moneys on their looks,figure and health.In that period there is always have hope and chance for getting partner.
Its proved that if a businessman failed to make profit and not minting money out of  this festive time,then there will be full chance of getting starve in whole year.
This phenomena is understood by every sellers.That's why I have a notion that Durga puja is ramp show of Bengali Hindus.
Anyway I would like to show some rituals related to Durga puja.
One is Vermillion play or in Bengali its sindoor khela,which is quite colorful and at the same time I just spellbound to see that how a Bengali woman used to wear such jeweleries.
Happy shuttering .