Thursday, 24 April 2014

Silent Election going on 2

Election is on the last phase,temper is rising day by day.At the same time temperature rises like a hell.
The success of Voting lies here,in one way you are not allowing voting due to  tremendous heat  in other way you are fabricating a design of democracy,with minimum mandate.
Perhaps BJP will win the race this time. Netaji speaks more softer,consummate,in measured voice with
determination of changing the face of India.
What change they will do,showing colored balloons of dreams?As if they will change everything,as if no more people have to die in hunger,no more communal hatred,only goal will be development.And here lies the fear, people could understand what is called 'development'.
Development and Democracy are two golden bowl which will share and pass among only within billionaires,not with the middle class nor with that footpath dwellers or those laborers who left their villages for more earning and forget agriculture.Now these voter have to buy everything for his living.He could not have that money of dreaming car,a good accommodation,a proper sanitation,even a glass of clean drinking water for that he need to have a big amount of money.There will be no chance to get enough money for living for them.But a billionaire or millionaire have every chance to promote himself,so they have definitely interest in 'democracy' as well as 'development'. We were observing  development for the last 10 years.What did we get out of it?Nothing absolutely nothing.Rather our future are in danger,environmentally,economically.

The receding underground water,swelling oceans creating so many natural calamities,perhaps US is worst effected.Everyone can estimates the speed of tornadoes increasing day by day.This are all due to development.Actually we really don't care,know and understand that  development does not mean big buildings and roads only.Development mean a complete peace, a confident bright citizen,who never feel ashamed to be an agriculturist,because agriculture is one and only industry which could help to stay alive.But now in India and in world agriculture is most neglected,that will create havoc within few years,we already know food shortage started affected African countries,India is also  already a worst affected country.
But numbers of Billionaires increasing day by day.All this development are due to sacrificing of this Voters of India who are knowingly and unknowing become slaves of rich people,nothing will change merely with their single Vote.The cycle of mockery of democracy is really frustrating. 

Leaders of political parties have hardly any time to discuss or argument on this grave situations,they have vision but they kept this vision secret within and  showing something bright,colorful,non-existent utopian development. We know,understand but we are helpless to do anything.

I am adding some of the snaps of Indian Voters.Who really don't know who is our Prime Minister,Or what is
Human Development Index.
Happy shuttering.
One of the Adivasi Villager in Jharkhand

A Street Artist
Villagers who came see a Village fare

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