Friday, 19 April 2013

Festival of Color


India is a country where  varied things are happening each and everyday.
Political scams,killing,farmer's suicide, IPL,homicide,terrorist attack, bomb-blast etc  everything happening in same breathing.Its easy and everyday features for Indian.Indian people are habituated with all these things with their life.
As if all these are nothing but simple news.
I don't have any intention to discuss  these matters in this blog because I don't feel like to discuss over  those matter because these are all over-talked and cliched now.
I don't know this system of life cycle of every Indian will ever change.

Perhaps for these, people enjoy every festivals with their own way. 

There is distinct uniqueness in Indian festivals,all the festivals are very Indocentric,the characters of the festivals are completely Indian and the origin of the festivals are very old and traditional.
Some myth and story associated with the festivals.
I have a dream of incorporating a Photo documentation of Indian festivals in this blog chronologically.

This time I am adding Holi the festival of colors in this blog.
Thanks for viewing.
Happy Shuttering.


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