Monday, 25 March 2013

My own city Kolkata

Kolkata is always fascinating place for photographer.
All over the city is combination of old and new.Its really rare in every respect.
Couple of  days back, me and one of  my friend went for a morning walk along with our  cameras to observed the city in the morning.
Kolkata is really amazing and beautiful  in the morning.The soft light creating magic.It seemed the known places were unknown its like sudden change of little girl to her teenage,It is a beauty of nature,the transformation.Each and every transformation in nature,time, space are always  wonder for human I am not exception.In morning just near the Howrah bridge I  found lots of beggar in ques for a breakfast provided by the businessmen of bada bazar.They  always fearing god and for avoiding wrath  perhaps provide food to the poor people.In the morning they really serve good meals to the beggars.

Howrah bridge is still  definitely an eye catcher, stealing all the shows,why not? If  just a 2 years old bridge collapsed without notice, this colossus bridge was not only an engineering marvel stand erect with pride but also an example of honesty. The contractors,manufacturing departments hobnobbing with clouts creating defects in manufacture and increasing chances of risking civil life,because they have no priority of planning rather making big bucks from people exchequer. Thanks to the British at-least they made something for which we are proud of ...........

Anyway that morning was really pleasant for all means,wonderful lighting,not so humid overall a satisfying morning for a photo session.I tried to take some photographs.Got few shots for you.

Hope will enjoy.

Happy shuttering.

Busy Tea Seller

Go for early collage.

Old milk-shake seller.

Fighting for earning.

Religion and Business

Getting ready for tough job.

Oil Baron.

Medium of holy link

Color of man

Plastic Chappal maker

We are playing.

Pride of a city


Flower seller

Flower buyer

Howrah Station

Daily-comers from suburbs.

Howrah bridge from a moving Vessel.

From Vessel

End of the journey

Fishing net maker.


Ankur Chakraborty said...

Very nice blog post Sagar. Especially, the early morning/evening shot of Howrah Bridge. Thanks for sharing.

Sagar Lahiri said...

Thanks Ankur,for just instant views and enthusiastic comment.