Monday, 21 January 2013

Stage Photography


                          Stage Photography is one of the toughest medium of photography.
There are so many factors are involved with this kind of photography.The main problem with this photography is lens and light.If the illumination of the stage is not proper you will get noisy photo for that you have to edit for reducing noise.Another factor is lens,if you use block and fast lens you will get less noisy photographs in compare to the zoom lens.
I am always enjoying stage photography.
Here I presenting you few snaps on Stage photo hope will enjoy and do comments and criticism for more developments.
Happy Shuttering.


Friday, 18 January 2013


 Are we thought how the society running without the people who chose odd jobs for our and their sustenance? How this people living their life merely selling snacks and bangle or performing band?

I am leaving in a world of hardship and misery.
People of the land who are living day to day with acute hardship for merely sustenance  have no idea about internet even computer.
They are doing various odd jobs for their living and livelihood.

I sometimes thought how could a person survive with such insecurities with no bank balance,health insurance,no benefits.But in India they are well surviving,with mal-nourishment,low blood pressure,
food insecurities .

This time I decide to show these people around without whom we hardly ever exists.

Thanks for viewing my page.

Happy Shuttering.

Sweet seller
Cane bucket maker
Prasad seller
Imitation jewellery 
Snacks seller
Band Player
Stone crockery seller