Saturday, 6 October 2012

Kolkata Maidan

                                      Kolkata Maidan

 Kolkata is changing,change is always obvious and welcoming.But when change is forceful and leaving people of the land unattached it will be cosmetic change.I found changing Kolkata is highly cosmetic and artificial.
Basic infra-structural changing are not keep in mind.The overall change is not towards positive rather changing are very commercial oriented.Indiscriminate highrise,by damaging ponds,and water-bodies doing heavily damaging city landscapes and not only this people life are in stake.
The lack of planning,bad unplanned drainage system creating heavily damage to the city's life.This year people suffered with dengue heavily due to construction of ongoing metro railway project.Trees were chopped down for the constructing pillars for the metro tracks for which the mosquitoes growth rises virtually the cycle of ecosystem was damaged and resulting the dengue epidemic.
Maidan is situated at the heart of the city,perhaps the only green zone  within the city.I have taken so many shots here.Will attached few shots here,hope you will enjoy.

Pitch Maker

Morning Dream





Police Parade

Morning observation




Parade 2

Parade 3
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