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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Portaits,Reflection of untold story.

Portrait is one of the toughest form of photography.
If you are photographer you can understand how much difficult of taking a portrait and if the portrait is candid where you have to express inner beauty of the person juxtaposition with  your own vision.

I am not a big photographer,and I have tremendous shortage of time for taking good photographs.But I am lucky enough that I am used to be very alert while taking photographs and keep searching for good portrait.

This post is compilation of some of my taking portraits.I do believe in post-production which I think is boon for this digital era.I like pictorial photography....Here ,some of my photographs are purly edited and created.

I have a series in flickr and even in G+also on old age people named "Me and My Loneliness". I add  those photos and more fresh photos as well.

Wish you enjoy. Happy shuttering.

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